Present Participle List for September 

Here is my Present Participle List from this week’s activities to kick off September:
Dancing in the car while listening to ‘Every little thing she does is magic’ |’Hey Ya’|’Hotel California’ – we can check out but can we ever leave this place????

Trying to stay positive while Ray is overwhelmed.

Moving boxes and garbage bags filled with clothes and household stuff to the new house then coming back to take actual garbage to the dumpster. Why were we saving this junk?

Donating more unnecessary items to Goodwill.  I’m not a hoarder, really! But I didn’t want to pay to move stuff unless I really love it.

Finding out each day that closing isn’t going to happen.

Realizing that I still have a lot to pack after the movers left!  What the heck!

Cleaning walls, carpet stains, bathrooms and everything else imaginable in this apartment. My menace is hair-mine, the fur boys but surprisingly not Ray. Lol.

Getting away from the moving, cleaning, overthinking for a while by…

Running errands.

Doing some retail therapy.

Resting on the only piece of furniture left-my comfy bed.

Reading at night-The Virgin River series.

Impressing myself because Hello read the above list of accomplishments!

Closing today?

Hoping so.


2nd bedroom has been storage for boxes for MONTHS!


Clutter on moving day


saved everything on bed to take ourselves


so much stuff


thankful for big strong movers!


wish i had packed up EVERYTHING since there was still room on that truck


thankful for Ray’s help


Max didn’t help so much


Bud will need therapy from the moving experience


retail therapy started at Cracker Barrel


ok, we are a little tired of eating out!


TV tray makes a great nightstand , note to self


the only furniture left, my oasis


posted yesterday on FB for fun



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