About Me

In random order –

Who I am:

Amateur photographer | wife (2nd time around – way better) | mother of 2 grown men – when did that happen? | grandmother (call me GiGi) | daughter (and in-law) | sister | friend | shopper (mostly digital scrapbooking supplies)| wheat allergic | weight challenged (ha I like that description) | sugar sensitive

What I’m like: 

Introverted (shy until you get to know me) | sensitive | moody | judgmental (just finding this out – not really a good thing – working on it | creative (thank God I found this out a decade ago) | competitive | a great listener | dreamer | over-protective | funny | situation diffuser

Things I like to do: 

Take photographs | Explore new places | read on my Kindle | play games on my Kindle | blog | make cards | Digital Project Life scrapbooking | talk on the phone with loved ones | baking | enjoying a really great meal | listen to favorite music (mostly Celtic instrumentals) | help people in my line of work (adult education)

Things I don’t like: 

Confrontations | Discussing politics | 24-hour news channels | mushrooms | tomatoes | olives |appointments


10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi, Sherri! Thanks for joining my readers at diabetic redemption.com. I am really glad to have you aboard. I do write about politics, though not as much now as the election is over, but please remember that if you have something to say about anything, that is different from my opinion, I want you to share it — I keep all nasty remarkers off my page, but different opinions are always welcome! Welcome!


  2. Hey girl I wanted to ask you where did you get the element for your photo gallery? I am new to this and I can only upload one photo at a time. I guess I should check it out but I thought I would ask. I love you gallery. I only saw it on my phone this morning. The photos look awesome on my computer screen!!!!


    • Hi Michelle,
      Sorry it took so long to respond – work, dinner – now, let’s go! I documented step by step as I prepared tomorrow’s post so this should be right. Let me know if you have a problem with it…
      1. Click Add Media on the Add New Post screen
      2. Upload Files, Select Files and Open
      3. If you add more than one photo at a time they should all be checked in the photos upper left corner.
      4. Create Gallery (upper left portion of the screen)
      5. You can change the order on this screen (Create Gallery at top)
      6. Then click Create a new gallery in lower right corner
      7. In the right hand menu, I choose how many columns and what type. My favorite is the mosaic tiles. If you create a slideshow, the people who follow you by email won’t get that feature.
      8. I always preview the post to confirm I like the placement order.

      Hope that helps, my new friend!


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