Present Participle List for September 

Here is my Present Participle List from this week’s activities to kick off September:
Dancing in the car while listening to ‘Every little thing she does is magic’ |’Hey Ya’|’Hotel California’ – we can check out but can we ever leave this place????

Trying to stay positive while Ray is overwhelmed.

Moving boxes and garbage bags filled with clothes and household stuff to the new house then coming back to take actual garbage to the dumpster. Why were we saving this junk?

Donating more unnecessary items to Goodwill.  I’m not a hoarder, really! But I didn’t want to pay to move stuff unless I really love it.

Finding out each day that closing isn’t going to happen.

Realizing that I still have a lot to pack after the movers left!  What the heck!

Cleaning walls, carpet stains, bathrooms and everything else imaginable in this apartment. My menace is hair-mine, the fur boys but surprisingly not Ray. Lol.

Getting away from the moving, cleaning, overthinking for a while by…

Running errands.

Doing some retail therapy.

Resting on the only piece of furniture left-my comfy bed.

Reading at night-The Virgin River series.

Impressing myself because Hello read the above list of accomplishments!

Closing today?

Hoping so.


2nd bedroom has been storage for boxes for MONTHS!


Clutter on moving day


saved everything on bed to take ourselves


so much stuff


thankful for big strong movers!


wish i had packed up EVERYTHING since there was still room on that truck


thankful for Ray’s help


Max didn’t help so much


Bud will need therapy from the moving experience


retail therapy started at Cracker Barrel


ok, we are a little tired of eating out!


TV tray makes a great nightstand , note to self


the only furniture left, my oasis


posted yesterday on FB for fun



The Present Participle List 

(Inspired by Cathy Zielski’s blog)

Feeling gratitude that Ray is having improvement with his leg pain.  I’m so glad that the internet provides so much information to help people research alternative treatments.

Moving soon but we don’t have a date yet.  I have been so happy to know that it’s really happening.

Packing all of our earthly belongings slowly.  I’m seriously obsessed with collecting boxes.  I have stacked filled boxes in the spare bedroom taking up almost half the room.  Yet there is so much to pack.  Where did it all come from and where has it been hiding?

Purging even though I got rid of so much stuff when we moved here I still think I need to get rid of things we don’t use often.  It matters when you are paying someone to move your stuff and they want you to count the boxes!  Yikes!

Remembering George Carlin’s skit about STUFF, it was so funny!  Check him out on YouTube George Carlin “Stuff”.

Anticipating my last week of this intense summer schedule coming to an end and yet I’m savoring these last two Fridays off.  It has had more of an impact on me this year than before.

Reading blogs on the weekends since I can’t risk being late to work from zoning out on the computer.

Missing my camera, my inspiration, my fellowship in sharing photos with like-minded friends but I’m eager to get back to all of it.

Looking forward to changing seasons, summer is not a favorite time for me.  Although I enjoy more sunshine, painted toes and cute sandals, I really don’t love the heat and humidity.  Come on Autumn!

Ramblings and Dreams

It’s a little after 8 am this Wednesday morning.  I’m sitting in my favorite chair with my laptop on my lap, naturally.  I can peek over the screen and watch Bud grooming himself on the balcony with the beautiful backdrop of my container garden behind him.  I love these spring days when it’s warm enough to keep that sliding balcony door open for my four legged furboys to go outside at their whim.  Thankfully nothing comes in but an occasional fly to worry Max.

I’m in deep thought this morning.  I used to have such vivid dreams when I was younger but especially in my 30’s.  I’m not sure exactly when I stopped dreaming or if I just stopped remembering them.  But as I am now on my hormone replacement program, I’ve noticed my dreams are back!

I laughed as I shared with Ray that I was in a compromising situation with Sylvester Stallone yesterday morning.  Sly was Brenda’s man of the year when Rocky came out.  He wasn’t my fantasy yet he starred in my dream.

This morning I dreamed that I was given a dessert to sample that looked rich and gooey with chocolate everything.  I pushed my fork into the concoction only to realize that it was a Little Debbie Swiss Cake Roll-like cake.  I immediately pushed it away because I knew I could not eat it due to my wheat allergy.  But I was a little sad.

On Mother’s Day, my mom made my favorite pineapple cake.  It’s rich and so delicious.  I served her a small piece of it and felt a momentary sadness for my self.  But I shook it off. Just a short time later I remembered that Brenda had purchased a pint of Hagen-Daz Coconut Pineapple ice cream just for me.  It was so delicious and I thought it was even better than that cake!  (Bren also made me a gluten-free version of that cake for my birthday in December – so rich and delicious.  Not deprived here in any way!)

I think that explains my dessert dream but I don’t know how to explain Sly Stallone!

5.10.15 ios (9)


65/365 – Loved

65-365 Loved

65-365 Loved

Sometimes it’s the little things that make me feel loved. Today Ray didn’t have to work yet he got dressed, cleared the windshield of ice and drove me to a doctor’s appointment. There are so many little things and they add up to making me feel appreciated and cherished. Loved.

64-365 Legacy

64-365 Legacy

I haven’t always been a gardener. I’m truly a novice so this orchid is simply a metaphor for the legacy I have received from my mother and have given to my sons is simply LOVE. By loving and nurturing this plant, it continues to thrive. Those tall shoots have been growing and growing as I wait for beautiful orchid flowers to bloom and that thrills me. My own legacy will continue as both of my sons are so loving and generous.

My friend and coworker Susan gave me this orchid last year for Christmas.  I was nervous since this was my first orchid.  I haven’t had much success with plants before. But it surprised me how easy it is to care for.  I water it every 10 days.  I haven’t changed the pot yet but probably will in a few months.

Can’t wait for it to bloom!!