Feline Saturday

Time to dust off the blog since it’s been over a month since I posted anything.  Ok, I moved and that is one of the best excuses for being busy that I can say.  The closing process was unusual but many people experience that.  We are still waiting for our living room furniture but since we have a couch and chair in the den, I am feeling less stress over that delay.

Bud and Max love having more space just as much as I do.  They gallop from one end of the house to the other end sometimes playing chase or tag.  They also freak out whenever they hear anything loud or if someone knocks at the door.  Thankfully they haven’t jumped on me as they scrambled to hide behind the sofa in the den.  The only bad thing for them is the deck isn’t available to them as of yet.

We had some other cats and kittens come by to “welcome” them to the neighborhood.  One was a big scruffy white tom that had been in a fight under our deck that same morning.  Ray is worried that if we put up a baby gate that Max will jump over and be “free” or other cats will jump over to fight our babies.  They don’t seem depressed to not have an outdoor space but we will keep an eye on that situation.

Here are some cute photos of the boys.


Bud checking out the flowers that Moni gave to Ray and I for grandparents day.

2015-09-09 10.20.32

Max playing hide and seek. Well, maybe not but he is missing my bed skirt.

2015-09-10 07.03.21

Stretching after a hard night’s work. That was a roll of paper towels!

2015-09-10 07.03.25

That innocent face (slightly blurred).

2015-10-02 11.16.33

I’ve had a double ear infection and was in bed a lot. These two wanted to keep me company.

2015-10-07 07.54.27

Snuggled up to his mommy and her bathrobe. Purring up a storm.

2015-10-07 19.27.43

Bud getting his belly rubbed by his daddy. Daddy does it best and Bud likes to get upside down.

2015-10-08 15.16.25

Bud is loving the views from our new home.

2015-10-09 09.00.45

Waiting for his daddy to get up, even after I fed him the smelly wet food so he wouldn’t scratch at the door.

2015-10-09 19.57.02

Bud is his daddy’s boy.

2015-10-09 20.18.16



Feline Friday

So it’s been a long time since I’ve shared my adorable fur boys!  Here’s a glimpse of them over the last few weeks…

2015-06-10 08.17.22 2015-06-12 08.05.54 2015-06-07 09.09.54-1


They’ve had to adapt to Ray working out-of-town. That means no wet food for them in the mornings!  I’m not into torturing them but I’m also not into smelling that stuff and getting nauseous either.

It was so hard for them that I posted this on Facebook:

2015-06-04 09.30.10


If you don’t know what the Dear Diary is about then please click on this link:  Dear Diary, Sad Cat Video.  You don’t have to be a cat lover to laugh hysterically over this guy’s sense of humor!

I also just came across this for you dog lovers – Sad Dogs – Dear Diary

Have a fabulous weekend!!!

148 This Moment

148 This Moment


At this moment, Bud is disappointed that he isn’t on the balcony.  It sprinkled earlier and now the lawn maintenance crew is outside making an awful racket. Bud might look fierce but he is really a ‘fraidy cat and the big, loud weed eaters scare him!

Yesterday the fur boys kept staring at the corner of our bed.  I had to grab my courage and lift the corner of the comforter and then the bed skirt…what did I find?  Somebody had pulled a walking shoe from the nether regions of the under-bed world and dragged it to the corner of the bed.  I was worried there was a critter – more worried about a spider than anything else…but when I picked up the shoe there was nothing else there.  But the cats kept staring at THE SHOE!  Really?!!

My cats are spooked by a gray and pink walking shoe…Scaredy cats!!!

118 Shade

118 Shade


My husband proclaims he “hates” cats but spoils them more than I do. He even plants some grass for them to chew on! He watched them on the balcony this morning and his face lit up as he saw Bud out there nibbling on these baby shoots. Shhhh, don’t say anything. He’d hate for this to get out!

iPhone with macro lens attachment