Cy365 This Week

202 Midpoint

202 Midpoint

203 Natural Beauty

203 Natural Beauty

204 Stacked

204 Stacked

206 On the Right Side copy

206 On the Right Side

An ode to my beautiful and unique Zinnias!  It seems that each one is different in texture and design.  A million thanks to my wonderful sister Bren for sharing these lovelies with me.

My daily photo commitment hasn’t been daily this summer.  Most of these were taken today instead of the prompt day.  But that’s ok.  I’m documenting my love of my flowers. I’m making my project work for me.  Even Katrina Kennedy, the founder of Capture Your 365 has struggled recently with inspiration.

I blame my 10-hour workdays and LIFE.   Ray has been suffering with a rare side effect from taking a statin back in April. He only took the prescription for 4 days and has gone back to the his doctor several times to hear diagnoses of arthritis and then a degenerative disk.  We went to an orthopedic last week who said his symptoms are not because of the disk but wouldn’t say what it is but she recommended physical therapy.  He walked in for a physical in April with no problems and now has difficulty walking without pain.  I’m hoping he is on the road to recovery now.  I’m grateful for the internet giving me a lot of information.  The doctors won’t admit that this is because of statins.  But the physical therapist told Ray she had one other patient that had pain all over his body after taking a cholesterol drug…thankful that Ray only has had leg pain after hearing that.

We also took the plunge on purchasing a home!  Finally got the words “YOU ARE APPROVED” yesterday.  After living in an apartment for 3 years, we will be moving out in about a month.  I’m beyond excited and I have more packing to do!  We will finally have space for loved ones to visit us and for my long distance family to have a place to stay!

I know that creativity isn’t a constant but it is a gift to be treasured.  I’m still giving this my all with the best of my ability.  I may not have 365 photos at the end of the year but I will have more than I had last year.

Have a wonderful weekend!


170 Handmade and 172 A Golden Bloom

170 Handmade

170 Handmade

172 A Golden Bloom

172 A Golden Bloom

I finished this week’s photos!  Ray and I went to visit his parents and celebrate a late Mother’s Day and a one day early Father’s Day.  I took the photo of Jeanette’s card since it had yellow which is this week’s theme.

The marigold is his mom’s.  I was hoping to photograph the yellow rose we gave her last year but it didn’t come back this year.

It felt wonderful to have my camera back in my hands.  I’m thankful that catching up seemed easy since getting used to my summer hours is somewhat challenging.


Days 166-169

166 Inside Out copy

166 Inside Out

167 A Vegetable copy

167 A Vegetable

168 Just a Hint copy

168 Just a Hint

169 Wrapped copy

169 Wrapped

The theme this week is YELLOW in case you didn’t notice.  I haven’t taken any photos this week for my CY365 project until today!  Working my new summer schedule from 10 am to 8 pm just didn’t give me time for any creativity so I saved it for the weekend.  I have a couple more photos to capture to finish this week

I normally post a photo a day but I have to admit that I love seeing these grouped together.

165 Yellow

165 Yellow copy


Today, I didn’t have to feel stress over the prompt. I have this lovely yellow Celosia flower to be my muse.

This week I begin my summer schedule at work.  I won’t be posting daily photos.  I’m not   sure if I will just do a weekly shot on Sundays or if I will try to catch up on the weekends.

We will see!

Have a fabulous week!


161 Selected

161 Selected


Dear African Daisy,

I was starting to worry that you were on your last stem.  I am glad that I added my gardening soil to the dirt that you were packed in when I brought you home.  Silly me thought you could handle the full sun since you are “African” so I have to apologize for that.  I have made some adjustments and  I feel like I’ve really gotten to know you better. Now I’m feeling hopeful since you felt like blooming again for me.

Thanks for those little bright spots of sunshine,

Mother Nature of Apt. 329 (Bud said he knew you were gonna bounce back!)

151 On the Loose

151 On the Loose

Simon thinks he’s out picking strawberries but he’s not!

My Lego friends have been cooped up way too long!  Simon Stone decided to go out on the balcony and explore my plants.  He thought he spied some strawberries but those are my baby geraniums!  Oh no!

Where is Bud when I need him?  {Bud is my feline garden helper}