186 Now and Then

186 Now and Then 2

186 Now and Then 2

186 Now and Then

186 Now and Then

Downtown Suffolk for breakfast this morning!  The prompt encouraged a self-portrait/family portrait.  I realized last night that I didn’t take a photo of Ray and I yesterday so I set out with the tripod and shutter remote.  Once I reviewed the photos I realized that our shirts really clash so I converted the images to b&w.  Obviously didn’t plan this out but I still love capturing these moments!

Us=Now + Historic Downtown=Then


158 In My Hands

158 In My Hands


I visited my family yesterday and Brenda gave me one of the best presents ever!  She planted Zinnia seeds and gave me a big flat of the babies. They were ready for me to take home!!

She recommended I plant them in styrofoam coolers because I don’t have any more flower pots.  I found some small ones at Food Lion this afternoon.  Then I came home and used my scissors to put holes in the bottoms for drainage.  Bren also recommended that I put packing peanuts in the bottoms and then fill with gardening soil so I wouldn’t have to use so much dirt!

I’m happy!  I’m waiting to be surprised when the Zinnias bloom.

I had another wonderful weekend.  I spent more time with Cheryl, my bff and her family.  I was able to purchase some retro furniture at her mother’s estate sale.  Then I was able to snuggle with my great-nephew (and visit with the rest of my loved ones).  It was so great!

149 – Fairy Tale

Cheryl, aka my bff, is up from Florida this week. She’s clearing out her mother’s house to sell it so there are lots of interesting “props” around!  

I hadn’t a clue what my photo would be but we poked around and found this cheerleader mega horn which makes a great fairy godmother hat and Cheryl added the winter scarf to look part!

Bippity bobbity boo!

123 – With Flowers

123 With Flowers


Today was a self-portrait prompt but with flowers.  I’m not 100% comfortable being in front of the camera yet but since these prompts will be monthly I am working on that.  Holding this pot of African Daisies in front of me was great because I was able to smile thinking about our little shopping spree this morning at Lowe’s.  Another year of container gardening for me and I’ve added some new flowers, colors and textures!  Oh, and some colorful containers too.

Taken with my Canon with Tamron 16-300mm lens on a tripod with a remote shutter release.

Pink (not) – 44/365

44-365 Pink

44-365 Pink

I didn’t have anything pink that I wanted to photograph as much as this cool scarf I recently picked up from Pier One.  I want to wear more scarves this year and I have been wearing a lot of them this winter with trying to stay warm!

Happy Valentine’s Day (a day early)!


I <3 Where I Stand – 34/365



I was greeted with magnificent sunshine this morning!  As I struggle with SAD during the winter (especially on cloudy days), I had to go out onto the balcony to enjoy a few minutes of brightness from that golden orb in the sky.  It’s amazing how my energy level and mood is better on sunny days versus the cloudy ones.

It was a bonus that Bud wanted to look out while I was grabbing this selfie of where I stand.  He loves to go out on the balcony but not when it’s cold.  Even with all of his fur!

Don’t get me wrong – I still would love some snow – especially if we get off from school:)

I Heart – 32/365

32-365 I heart

32-365 I heart {photography} of course!

Today’s prompt is for a self portrait!  Ray and I went to Virginia Beach for a performance of Beethoven’s 9th symphony (Ode to Joy) by the Virginia Symphony Orchestra.  I was sad that photos weren’t allowed during the performance.  I did take a few before with my iPhone.  But as we were leaving I saw this glass door and took my selfie.