Days 179-185

180 Side Light

180 Side Light

181 Black

181 Black

185 Captivated

185 Captivated

I’m missing several photos for this week.  Part of me is cringing over this and the other part is trying to justify it because I’m working or I just wasn’t feeling the prompts!  I didn’t work my 4 ten-hour days since we had to be off on Friday for the holiday.  So I’m confessing on here…this daily challenge can be too challenging for me at this time.  So I am just sharing when I can at this point.


172 Perspective

172 Perspective (4) copy 172 Perspective (3) copy 172 Perspective (7) copy


The email today featured a different perspective of a classic car but I didn’t see any of those around today.  I’m taking the easy way here with a newer Camaro.  I have noticed that the new sports models resemble sharks to me – the headlights, grills and yes, they have fins.


170 Handmade and 172 A Golden Bloom

170 Handmade

170 Handmade

172 A Golden Bloom

172 A Golden Bloom

I finished this week’s photos!  Ray and I went to visit his parents and celebrate a late Mother’s Day and a one day early Father’s Day.  I took the photo of Jeanette’s card since it had yellow which is this week’s theme.

The marigold is his mom’s.  I was hoping to photograph the yellow rose we gave her last year but it didn’t come back this year.

It felt wonderful to have my camera back in my hands.  I’m thankful that catching up seemed easy since getting used to my summer hours is somewhat challenging.


Days 166-169

166 Inside Out copy

166 Inside Out

167 A Vegetable copy

167 A Vegetable

168 Just a Hint copy

168 Just a Hint

169 Wrapped copy

169 Wrapped

The theme this week is YELLOW in case you didn’t notice.  I haven’t taken any photos this week for my CY365 project until today!  Working my new summer schedule from 10 am to 8 pm just didn’t give me time for any creativity so I saved it for the weekend.  I have a couple more photos to capture to finish this week

I normally post a photo a day but I have to admit that I love seeing these grouped together.

165 Yellow

165 Yellow copy


Today, I didn’t have to feel stress over the prompt. I have this lovely yellow Celosia flower to be my muse.

This week I begin my summer schedule at work.  I won’t be posting daily photos.  I’m not   sure if I will just do a weekly shot on Sundays or if I will try to catch up on the weekends.

We will see!

Have a fabulous week!


158 In My Hands

158 In My Hands


I visited my family yesterday and Brenda gave me one of the best presents ever!  She planted Zinnia seeds and gave me a big flat of the babies. They were ready for me to take home!!

She recommended I plant them in styrofoam coolers because I don’t have any more flower pots.  I found some small ones at Food Lion this afternoon.  Then I came home and used my scissors to put holes in the bottoms for drainage.  Bren also recommended that I put packing peanuts in the bottoms and then fill with gardening soil so I wouldn’t have to use so much dirt!

I’m happy!  I’m waiting to be surprised when the Zinnias bloom.

I had another wonderful weekend.  I spent more time with Cheryl, my bff and her family.  I was able to purchase some retro furniture at her mother’s estate sale.  Then I was able to snuggle with my great-nephew (and visit with the rest of my loved ones).  It was so great!

157 Create a Scene

157 Create a ScenePaying homage to American Gothic.  My niece Monika (Moni) and her husband Josh brought their baby Jakob to visit today.  I asked them if they would pose for my photo of the day.  We recreated this pose from a few years ago with a new background of lush flowers on my sister Brenda’s deck.