144 Remembered

144 Remembered


Sometimes I don’t think about the reason why I have a day off of work for Memorial Day each year.  This weekend is heralded as the beginning of summer here since it’s not an hour to Virginia Beach. It’s “okay” to wear white until Labor Day if you care about things like that. There are all kinds of sales in the retail world.  But as much as I appreciate our military (my son Brandon is in the Army), I don’t think I’ve let the weight of this holiday touch me.  Until today.

Tomorrow is actually Memorial Day but today’s prompt is Remembered. I have often seen the flags placed in the military cemeteries on the news during this holiday weekend.  Just seeing it on TV made me feel emotional but today Ray and I drove to Albert G. Horton, Jr. Memorial Veterans Cemetery to experience this in person.

This cemetery is huge on about 70 acres.  It’s beautifully maintained and I’m proud of that. Seeing the flags fluttering in the breeze took my breath away.  I can’t imagine how many veterans are buried here.  Thousands.  Each branch is represented.  We drove slowly through taking in the rows and rows of markers and flags.

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I’m thankful to live in this country. Thankful for our men and women in uniform that protect our freedom. Thankful that we honor those that have served and gone on. I’m thankful that I get goose bumps and tears when I experience moments like today.


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