Feline Saturday

Time to dust off the blog since it’s been over a month since I posted anything.  Ok, I moved and that is one of the best excuses for being busy that I can say.  The closing process was unusual but many people experience that.  We are still waiting for our living room furniture but since we have a couch and chair in the den, I am feeling less stress over that delay.

Bud and Max love having more space just as much as I do.  They gallop from one end of the house to the other end sometimes playing chase or tag.  They also freak out whenever they hear anything loud or if someone knocks at the door.  Thankfully they haven’t jumped on me as they scrambled to hide behind the sofa in the den.  The only bad thing for them is the deck isn’t available to them as of yet.

We had some other cats and kittens come by to “welcome” them to the neighborhood.  One was a big scruffy white tom that had been in a fight under our deck that same morning.  Ray is worried that if we put up a baby gate that Max will jump over and be “free” or other cats will jump over to fight our babies.  They don’t seem depressed to not have an outdoor space but we will keep an eye on that situation.

Here are some cute photos of the boys.


Bud checking out the flowers that Moni gave to Ray and I for grandparents day.

2015-09-09 10.20.32

Max playing hide and seek. Well, maybe not but he is missing my bed skirt.

2015-09-10 07.03.21

Stretching after a hard night’s work. That was a roll of paper towels!

2015-09-10 07.03.25

That innocent face (slightly blurred).

2015-10-02 11.16.33

I’ve had a double ear infection and was in bed a lot. These two wanted to keep me company.

2015-10-07 07.54.27

Snuggled up to his mommy and her bathrobe. Purring up a storm.

2015-10-07 19.27.43

Bud getting his belly rubbed by his daddy. Daddy does it best and Bud likes to get upside down.

2015-10-08 15.16.25

Bud is loving the views from our new home.

2015-10-09 09.00.45

Waiting for his daddy to get up, even after I fed him the smelly wet food so he wouldn’t scratch at the door.

2015-10-09 19.57.02

Bud is his daddy’s boy.

2015-10-09 20.18.16


Present Participle List for September 

Here is my Present Participle List from this week’s activities to kick off September:
Dancing in the car while listening to ‘Every little thing she does is magic’ |’Hey Ya’|’Hotel California’ – we can check out but can we ever leave this place????

Trying to stay positive while Ray is overwhelmed.

Moving boxes and garbage bags filled with clothes and household stuff to the new house then coming back to take actual garbage to the dumpster. Why were we saving this junk?

Donating more unnecessary items to Goodwill.  I’m not a hoarder, really! But I didn’t want to pay to move stuff unless I really love it.

Finding out each day that closing isn’t going to happen.

Realizing that I still have a lot to pack after the movers left!  What the heck!

Cleaning walls, carpet stains, bathrooms and everything else imaginable in this apartment. My menace is hair-mine, the fur boys but surprisingly not Ray. Lol.

Getting away from the moving, cleaning, overthinking for a while by…

Running errands.

Doing some retail therapy.

Resting on the only piece of furniture left-my comfy bed.

Reading at night-The Virgin River series.

Impressing myself because Hello read the above list of accomplishments!

Closing today?

Hoping so.


2nd bedroom has been storage for boxes for MONTHS!


Clutter on moving day


saved everything on bed to take ourselves


so much stuff


thankful for big strong movers!


wish i had packed up EVERYTHING since there was still room on that truck


thankful for Ray’s help


Max didn’t help so much


Bud will need therapy from the moving experience


retail therapy started at Cracker Barrel


ok, we are a little tired of eating out!


TV tray makes a great nightstand , note to self


the only furniture left, my oasis


posted yesterday on FB for fun


The Present Participle List 

(Inspired by Cathy Zielski’s blog)

Feeling gratitude that Ray is having improvement with his leg pain.  I’m so glad that the internet provides so much information to help people research alternative treatments.

Moving soon but we don’t have a date yet.  I have been so happy to know that it’s really happening.

Packing all of our earthly belongings slowly.  I’m seriously obsessed with collecting boxes.  I have stacked filled boxes in the spare bedroom taking up almost half the room.  Yet there is so much to pack.  Where did it all come from and where has it been hiding?

Purging even though I got rid of so much stuff when we moved here I still think I need to get rid of things we don’t use often.  It matters when you are paying someone to move your stuff and they want you to count the boxes!  Yikes!

Remembering George Carlin’s skit about STUFF, it was so funny!  Check him out on YouTube George Carlin “Stuff”.

Anticipating my last week of this intense summer schedule coming to an end and yet I’m savoring these last two Fridays off.  It has had more of an impact on me this year than before.

Reading blogs on the weekends since I can’t risk being late to work from zoning out on the computer.

Missing my camera, my inspiration, my fellowship in sharing photos with like-minded friends but I’m eager to get back to all of it.

Looking forward to changing seasons, summer is not a favorite time for me.  Although I enjoy more sunshine, painted toes and cute sandals, I really don’t love the heat and humidity.  Come on Autumn!

Cy365 This Week

202 Midpoint

202 Midpoint

203 Natural Beauty

203 Natural Beauty

204 Stacked

204 Stacked

206 On the Right Side copy

206 On the Right Side

An ode to my beautiful and unique Zinnias!  It seems that each one is different in texture and design.  A million thanks to my wonderful sister Bren for sharing these lovelies with me.

My daily photo commitment hasn’t been daily this summer.  Most of these were taken today instead of the prompt day.  But that’s ok.  I’m documenting my love of my flowers. I’m making my project work for me.  Even Katrina Kennedy, the founder of Capture Your 365 has struggled recently with inspiration.

I blame my 10-hour workdays and LIFE.   Ray has been suffering with a rare side effect from taking a statin back in April. He only took the prescription for 4 days and has gone back to the his doctor several times to hear diagnoses of arthritis and then a degenerative disk.  We went to an orthopedic last week who said his symptoms are not because of the disk but wouldn’t say what it is but she recommended physical therapy.  He walked in for a physical in April with no problems and now has difficulty walking without pain.  I’m hoping he is on the road to recovery now.  I’m grateful for the internet giving me a lot of information.  The doctors won’t admit that this is because of statins.  But the physical therapist told Ray she had one other patient that had pain all over his body after taking a cholesterol drug…thankful that Ray only has had leg pain after hearing that.

We also took the plunge on purchasing a home!  Finally got the words “YOU ARE APPROVED” yesterday.  After living in an apartment for 3 years, we will be moving out in about a month.  I’m beyond excited and I have more packing to do!  We will finally have space for loved ones to visit us and for my long distance family to have a place to stay!

I know that creativity isn’t a constant but it is a gift to be treasured.  I’m still giving this my all with the best of my ability.  I may not have 365 photos at the end of the year but I will have more than I had last year.

Have a wonderful weekend!

192 – Zeitgeber


Zeitgebers (environmental cues–“time givers”–like sun position that regulate our internal clocks)

I did not know this word before today’s prompt.  I love the clocks in the historic downtown area so I immediately thought of them for today’s image.  Thankfully the thunderstorms were over for us to make a quick drive before it got dark!

I have taken a few more photos today.  Even Ray took a few of me with my new look!


Although I don’t eat tomatoes (not like this but yes to salsa, spaghetti sauce and so on), this stem was screaming to be in front of the lens today!



Time for a change! My hair style has been feeling blah lately. Basically the same just longer or shorter for YEARS. So more highlights and shorter with some sass.


The other downtown clock. This one is only right twice a day.

186 Now and Then

186 Now and Then 2

186 Now and Then 2

186 Now and Then

186 Now and Then

Downtown Suffolk for breakfast this morning!  The prompt encouraged a self-portrait/family portrait.  I realized last night that I didn’t take a photo of Ray and I yesterday so I set out with the tripod and shutter remote.  Once I reviewed the photos I realized that our shirts really clash so I converted the images to b&w.  Obviously didn’t plan this out but I still love capturing these moments!

Us=Now + Historic Downtown=Then

Days 179-185

180 Side Light

180 Side Light

181 Black

181 Black

185 Captivated

185 Captivated

I’m missing several photos for this week.  Part of me is cringing over this and the other part is trying to justify it because I’m working or I just wasn’t feeling the prompts!  I didn’t work my 4 ten-hour days since we had to be off on Friday for the holiday.  So I’m confessing on here…this daily challenge can be too challenging for me at this time.  So I am just sharing when I can at this point.

173 – 178 This Week’s Photos

173 On the Ground

173 On the Ground

174 Eye Level

174 Eye Level

175 Up High

175 Up High

176 From Below

176 From Below

177 Scale

177 Scale

178 Forced

178 Forced (Perspective)

Earlier this week, I was bragging that I had adjusted to my new summer hours of four 10-hour days.  The joke was on me because on Wednesday I was quite exhausted.  I’m also implementing a walking program to improve my health so it may be the combination.  But right now I’m happy to say that 2 weeks of this schedule are finished!

This week’s theme is about perspectives.  Most shots taken with iPhone 6plus. Some shots edited with PicLab app.

170 Handmade and 172 A Golden Bloom

170 Handmade

170 Handmade

172 A Golden Bloom

172 A Golden Bloom

I finished this week’s photos!  Ray and I went to visit his parents and celebrate a late Mother’s Day and a one day early Father’s Day.  I took the photo of Jeanette’s card since it had yellow which is this week’s theme.

The marigold is his mom’s.  I was hoping to photograph the yellow rose we gave her last year but it didn’t come back this year.

It felt wonderful to have my camera back in my hands.  I’m thankful that catching up seemed easy since getting used to my summer hours is somewhat challenging.