104 – Blue

104 Blue


Am I blue?  No.  How can I be with my new owl friend?  I actually bought three owls last week to add to my nest.  I am also showing the dirt on the balcony where Bud has been nesting in my flower bed.  Who loves you Bud?  Me that’s who.

The owl was just out for some natural light time.  Then he’s back in the house with me.

101 – Prepared

101 Prepared copy


Today is Ray’s birthday!  I took him out for lunch and then we stopped a local bakery that sells regular and gluten-free cupcakes.  He picked out a regular chocolate one and I was spoiled with two – this gf cinnabon one and a gf wedding one.  So delicious.

Since the email prompt was focusing on ingredients I decided to show the ingredients on the package.