81 Step Outside

81 Step Outside Landscape orientation

81 Step Outside (Landscape orientation)

Which do you prefer?

81 Step Outside Portrait orientation

81 Step Outside (Portrait orientation)

I chose the Landscape orientation for my photo of the day.  This tree will be featured at the start of every season.  I’m very excited about doing a seasonal study.  If you have read my blog for very long, you will know that I have a passion for trees.  I am a lover of trees or a dryad if you will.  A dryad is a tree nymph, or female tree spirit, in Greek mythology.

80 – Swirl

80 SwirlDoes this image make you wonder what it is?  It’s a shillelagh or walking stick!  We visited Ray’s parents today and it’s so wonderful to have light bulb moments when I wandered around their yard and home.

I was going to use a daffodil bloom for the first part of the prompt – curl.  But once I spied this stick I knew it had to be the star of my prompt for today.

Hope your weekend is going well!



79 Polka Dots

79 Polka Dots

79 Polka Dots

Who doesn’t love polka dots?  These cute slippers were given to me by my best friend of 24 years – Cheryl!  These are sassy and so cushiony!  The prompt encouraged us to mix patterns today so I paired my lovely slippers with these blue and green argyle socks as I was dressing for work.

Thank God it’s Friday and the start of the weekend is upon us!

Happy 1st day of spring to my fellow northern hemispherians!  Happy beginning of fall to my southern hemispherian friends!

78-365 Stitched

78-365 Stitched


Nothing lets you know that you are loved more than someone making something for you by hand.  I’ve been the recipient of two beloved quilts in my life.  One I don’t have any photographs of and am sorry to say I’ve lost over a decade ago after my divorce and move.  My sister Brenda made that applique quilt for a wedding present back in the 80’s.  I loved all of the detail designs she stitched and the fabrics of rose, burgundy and gray she used that were my wedding colors.

This photograph above is of my lap quilt that Ray’s mother made for me. It was the first birthday present that his parents gave me.  I treasure the amount of time she took to make it.  She chose my favorite color purple.

I love to watch tv in the summer months with my lap quilt keeping me warm from the air conditioner.