My life got derailed

Jeremy in ICU - April 1, 2014

Jeremy in ICU – April 1, 2014

I was at my desk on April 1st when my cell phone displayed an incoming call from my sister, Brenda.  I answered it with trepidation.  What was wrong?  My worst nightmare came true when she said “Jeremy is in the hospital in ICU. They think its pancreatitis.”  This wasn’t an April fool’s joke.   I rushed to tell my manager who made me sit while she called Ray.

Those moments between the call, going home to pack an overnight bag and Ray driving the 90 minutes to the hospital were the longest of my life.  Seeing my child in a hospital bed in ICU weakened my knees, flashbacks and paranoia from his cancer-fighting days unnerved me.

My mom has had this condition strike her twice in the last decade so I’m familiar with the twists and turns of the mighty pancreas.  Jeremy and his doctors blew my mind.  I kept hearing well he’s younger so he’s bouncing back faster.  He was out of ICU on the 3rd and discharged the next day to my disbelief.  He was still in pain and had been eating but stopped.  Yet they sent him home.

The next day we were back in ER where those doctors said “big mistake, he shouldn’t have been released” because his pancreas was still enflamed.  Turns out the lab work showed it was over but the CT scan said otherwise.

Long story short, Jeremy is still in hospital.  I came home last Sunday and again today for mental health breaks. I want to believe he is thru the worst of it.  He looks so much better than he did.  He’s back on a liquid diet and he’s going to take it slowly to give his pancreas time to recover and heal.  I believe God sent a very special doctor into our ER room last weekend who understands his condition and how to treat him.

I’m so grateful that my loved ones have been so supportive.  We’ve had a great group of nurses.  I also have to say that I’m so grateful for my job.  My manager has been amazing with her understanding and turns out I had enough time build up to cover for this emergency.

Déjà vu

Have you ever had that moment where you feel like you’ve experienced something before?  I get that feeling quite a lot.  But one thing is for certain when I uploaded the photos from my Mom’s birthday bash and I saw this photo –



I immediately thought of this one –

June 2011

June 2011

These shots are taken almost 3 years apart but I LOVE how similar they are.  The one overriding feeling I get from these is LOVE.


Out like a lamb?

This week has been another quiet one for me.  I finally made some edits to my mom’s birthday bash and will share some of those photos tomorrow.

Today it’s raining and in the 60′s (woo hoo!)  I’m hoping for sunny weather tomorrow so I can go somewhere and explore with my camera – fingers crossed.

3.23.14 Phone Art (1)

3.23.14 Phone Art

3.24.14 All Lined Up (640x427)

3.24.14 All Lined Up

3.25.14 Aromatic

3.25.14 Aromatic

3.26.14 Arch

3.26.14 Arch

3.27.14 Where I Stand

3.27.14 Where I Stand

3.28.14 Foreground (427x640)

3.28.14 Foreground

3.29.14 Luck (640x480)

3.29.14 Luck – archived photo from last week’s diptych shot.

Spring (?) Finally

How is everyone?  Does it feel like Spring where you are?

Today was sunny and in the mid 70’s here.  Our sliding glass door is open on the balcony and the kitchen window is open for some cross breezes.  There is another cold front coming in as I type this but I’ve enjoyed every minute of that bright sunshine while it lasted!

I’ve been doing some much needed cleaning today.  Apparently, my winter doldrums didn’t mind the house getting dirty but my Vitamin D and B-Complex supplements seem to be helping me feel much better lately.  So I tackled some clutter, dust and the dirty kitchen floor.  I’m waiting on Ray to play Vacuum man and voila’ half the apartment will be finished.   It’s funny how good that makes me feel.

I can’t believe it’s been 81 days since I began my Capture Your 365 project!  I’m enjoying it more as I go along.  Here are this week’s photos:

3.17.14 Shamrock

3.17.14 Shamrock

3.18.14 Duplicate

3.18.14 Duplicate

3.19.14 365

3.19.14 365

3.20.14 Dyptich

3.20.14 Dyptich – only shots with my cell phone (Before and After theme)

3.21.14 Spring

3.21.14 Spring

3.22.14 On Their Terms

3.22.14 On Their Terms

Happy {love that song!}

What a busy week!  It ended on such a great note!  My mom turned 80 on the 12th and our family gathered for a feast and TIME together!  We all stayed overnight and if Old Man Winter hadn’t intruded we would have made it a 24 hour celebration.

I will have a few photos to share later but for now here are my photos of the day taken this week:

3.9.14 - Emerging (Budding)

3.9.14 – Emerging (Budding)

3.10.14  - Asymmetrical

3.10.14 – Asymmetrical

3.11.14 - From Underneath

3.11.14 – From Underneath – this is a table made of horseshoes from the welding class being raffled at the school.  This shot is the only cell phone snap this week!

3.12.14 - Arranged

3.12.14 – Arranged

3.13.14 - Irish

3.13.14 – Irish

3.14.14 - Fill the Frame {the clock I didn't change for Daylight Saving Time}

3.14.14 – Fill the Frame {the clock I didn’t change for Daylight Saving Time}

3.15.14 Hard {so hard to say goodbye to Chance}

3.15.14 Hard {so hard to say goodbye to Chance}

3.16.14 - Cheers

3.16.14 – Cheers

Do you know this song?  Can you sit still when you hear it?  Turns out this guy is from Virginia Beach, VA!  There are a lot of famous singers from Va – I didn’t know until I just looked it up!  I knew Patsy Cline, Wayne Newton and Jason Mraz were but there are so many including this guy singing Happy!

Hope you have a HAPPY week!

Hello, It’s Me Again!

I’ve obviously been taking a little break from blogging lately.  What have I been doing lately?  Waiting for Spring!  Seriously, I hate to wish time away BUT it’s been a really cold winter. I’m glad that the weather experts don’t name these winter storms “normal people names” because I’d be on and on about hating Jack/Jimmy/Jethro instead of Janus or Tom/Travis/Tobias instead of Titan!

But it’s been a week of change for me.  I went to the eye doctor and got my prescription for {insert drumroll} BIFOCALS.  No lines but still bifocals, gulp.  There’s no denying that getting older really screws up the eyes.  It’s been fun adjusting to these bad girls too.  Oh, they came in today and I’ve been enjoying seeing again.  My eye doctor and I have fun and act up a bit while I’m there.  Can you tell? 20140303_085459

I had my blood taken by a lab vampire this week and thankfully I’m not diabetic, I don’t have thyroid or cholesterol issues {Thank you Jesus for all 3} but I am Vitamin D deficient!  So I’m popping another vitamin a day now. But I will do anything for true physical and mental wellbeing.

Here are my photos for the day this week:  Some have been easy phone captures, others required more effort with the tripod and trying to have the patience of a saint for a macro. But I’m glad that I’ve made it work another week!

3.3.14 Pick a Favorite - why Purple of course:)

3.3.14 Pick a Favorite – why Purple of course:)

3.4.14 Party - I don't have Mardi Gras beads so I made do with a fave necklace

3.4.14 Party – I don’t have Mardi Gras beads so I made do with a fave necklace

3.5.14 A Story In Three - A tryptograph of the most important aspects of my life

3.5.14 A Story In Three – A tryptograph of the most important aspects of my life

3.6.14 Muse - (description below)

3.6.14 Muse – (description below)

3.7.14 Frustrated

3.7.14 Frustrated (tired of rainy, cold or snowy days)

3.8.14 Drive (Ray always drives us to Jetersville - I sit shotgun)

3.8.14 Drive (Ray always drives us to Jetersville – I sit shotgun)

The muse photo of Ray vacuuming was inspired by a great photographer named Kris B.  She has some very inspiring images/artwork but she also incorporates a lot of home//family life shots.  That inspired me to take this one of Ray with many great memories associated with it.  My Mom will laugh when she tells family members that Ray vacuums for me “in the nude!”  Hey whatever works!  I, of course, kept this shot G-rated:)

Daylight Saving Time begins in just a few hours.  I normally think this is the worst day of the year but you know what I’m going to say – it’s heralding Spring so I love it!

Have a great rest of your weekend and week {in case I don’t write for a while}!


Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Today’s prompt:  Cat in the Hat {no problemo}

How could I pick just one?  So I didn't.

How could I pick just one? So I didn’t.

Bud wasn’t agreeable to wearing a hat to celebrate Dr. Seuss!

Spring has come to tease us today with temps in the mid 60′s but tomorrow ole man Winter is planning another attack.  Not sure if I will be working tomorrow but I have to study for a test as if I’m sure I will be there.  I have to be certified to do my portion of registering folks for the new GED test:)