This morning Ray and I went out for breakfast.  The restaurant was located next to a pumpkin stand that I have visited before with my camera.  There is something so appealing about pumpkins.  There are different shapes and sizes like people.  This farm has all the accroutments of fall with hay bales, scarecrows, colorful mums and other gourds made this a fun photo shoot.

013 (427x640) 012 (427x640) 010 (427x640) 009 (427x640) 017 (427x640) 026 (640x427) 008 (427x640)


These beauties will be adopted by good people, carved to keep the evil spirits away, baked into delicasies and enjoyed by so many!

I {heart} pumpkins.


Feline Friday

This week flew by and I’m happy to have photos of Big Bad Bud to share today.  Bud still hasn’t quite forgiven me for bringing Max into his world.  We have sweet moments together occassionally but for the most part the little fur boy has taken me over.  I sometimes feel guilty over this but then the boys start chasing each other through the apartment or the wrestling match begins.  But I know it was the right decision when they get close and groom each other.  It makes me feel warm inside because I never, ever expected that to happen.

Bud -

20141016_091837 (480x640) 20141016_091815 (480x640) 20141016_091938 (640x480) 20141016_091916 (640x480) 20141016_092021 (640x480)


He’s still my sweetheart~I try to show him every day!

Happy Friday to you!

Monet inspired Special Effects

I have been watching Bryan Peterson videos on YouTube for interesting inspiration for my photography.  I used my 50mm lens for my weekly challenge.

020 (640x427) 007 (640x427) 017 (640x427) 005 (640x427)The above images were taken in camera with a slower shutter speed while moving the camera!  Below is a “normal” shot.003 (640x427)

How about a leaf on pavement –024 (640x427) 023 (640x427) 022 (640x427) 021 (640x427)The final image isn’t in focus but I love them all.

Do you have a favorite?

You can see a Bryan Peterson video here.

Weekly Fifty challenge.


Feline Friday

Mighty Max has so much energy that he terrorizes Bud every morning!  Max chases poor Bud through the entire apartment like a bat out of hell.  The sound of their claws in the carpet is a bit unnerving.  Then they wrestle a bit which sometimes switches off to grooming time.  One thing is for certain – Bud is getting more exercise since his little brother came to live with us.

Here are a few phone shots captured the other day of Max.  He can be so sweet and loving but then he will nip my arm or grab my hand with his claws extended. Ye-ouch!

2014-10-07 09.50.40 2014-10-07 09.50.57 2014-10-07 09.49.31 2014-10-07 09.49.09

Mischief is his middle name!

Happy Friday everyone!!!

Leaves – Weekly Fifty Challenge

10.5 (21)



10.5 (11) 10.5 (17)copy

Anyone else see the heart shaped sun?

Anyone else see the heart shaped sun?



I couldn’t choose just one!  I had to make myself get out of the apartment to take these. I haven’t been on this challenge very long but my desire to be a couch potato almost kept me from these beautiful leaves.  The bigger trees haven’t changed color yet but my model leaves are from the ornamental trees around the apartment complex.

Taken with Canon T1i, 50 mm lens (the nifty-fifty) hence the Weekly Fifty Challenge.  {I’m laughing over hence}.

Have a wonderful week!


Enjoy (my One Little Word 2014)

I’m sitting here under my leopard print Snuggie this morning while I enjoy the cooler temperature for my first feel of autumn in eastern Virginia.  I have been perusing the internet, reading my emails and Feedly blog posts and checking in with Facebook while sipping my coffee.  Little Max is sleeping beside me and occasionally purrs when I think to rub him.  Bud is under the bed for his morning siesta and my beloved Ray is working today.

I have been sharing photos here but not really posting details about my experiences lately.  It’s been an exciting, exhilarating few weeks with Ray and I.  Back in the summer, Ray pulled into a new subdivision and suggested we tour the model home.  I was skeptical because I didn’t think we could afford those prices listed on the sign.  But Ray dreams BIG and I think small for some things and just the opposite applies for us on other things!

The model home was lovely and we took a lot of paperwork home with us.  Ray would continue to go to this neighborhood on his motorcycle adventures.  We also started implementing financial strategies to help us whittle our debt down and save money.

Long story shortened for your reading pleasure, we signed a contract yesterday on a home that is 95% complete with hopes of moving in before Christmas!  Ray is the one that is nervous about the financing going through and blah, blah, blah.  I’m more concerned about belongings and placement of art.  It’s a bigger space – remember we downsized to move into this small apartment.

I am enjoying the planning on where things will go.  I may even enjoy packing up to get out of this small space that has begun to make me claustrophobic.

I’m off now to enjoy the rest of this beautiful Sunday!

What are you enjoying?